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Florida Water

Florida Water

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Experience the magic and allure of our meticulously handcrafted homemade Florida water. Created with passion and reverence, our Florida water is a captivating blend that captures the essence of Pachamama's natural beauty. Each bottle is infused with the vibrant energy of citrusy notes, delicate florals, and exotic spices, carefully selected and blended to perfection. Our homemade Florida water is made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced from nature's abundant gifts. As you spritz or dab this enchanting elixir, its refreshing aroma will awaken your senses, transporting you to a realm of tranquility and balance. Use it to cleanse and purify your space, uplift your spirits, and invite positive energies into your life. Embrace the power of our homemade Florida water during spiritual rituals, meditation practices, or simply as a personal fragrance that radiates confidence and grace. Each bottle is lovingly crafted to infuse your life with a touch of Florida's natural essence, a reminder of the harmonious connection between nature and spirit. Unlock the transformative energy of our homemade Florida water and let it become an essential part of your self-care and spiritual journey.

Contains 151 and distilled water

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